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Permalink | 0 notes i’m sorry for always being so busy this summer but i missss you girls everyday &promise to see you all soon! 😿👑👯👯😘💋💖 #craywithdrawals
Permalink | 0 notes despite shopping at #gillyhicks now for my feminines, this is one of my favorite-favorite vintage trimmed bras from Victoria’s Secret in Canada. i believe every girl MUST have a go-to to make themselves feel comfortably beautiful in their own skin!
🌞🎀💖 #happysaturday
Permalink | 0 notes Made our very first layered #fruitparfait 😍🍓🍌🍑💕
Permalink | 0 notes bullied by birds. #nbd 😊🐦 (at Long Beach , California)
Permalink | 0 notes all white everything. happy birthday dionte! 💋  (at Playhouse Night Club)
Permalink | 1 note tbt with my creator a.k.a. the woman with the biggest heart, patience, TLC &the best chef in the world. 👶💞🌎 #mamabear
Permalink | 0 notes happiest 19th birthday to my sissypoo! may all your wishes come true & may you have a lifetime full of adventure, love, health &happiness in the years to come! i hope you become a better driver than me as you embark on your new journey as a California Licensed Driver this summer! ☀️🚗💨 be safe & have fun!! 
Lovee you my Crystal Ball! 🔮😘💋💖🎉 @rawrrcrystal_  (at Mammoth Lake)
Permalink | 1 note squid skewers + pork buns + bacon jalapeño chedder potato crisps + thai tea snow + jasmine green tea + bailey&kahlua boba = happy belly! 🌃🐙🍴#dtlanightmarket #ishouldgorunnow (at DTLA Night Market)
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one of those nights when

you absolutely cannot sleep despite an early morning the next day because thoughts, worries, expectations flood your mind instantly

you’re forced to lay still & look into a dark room with a newly wet pillow resting your head because the exhaustion of it all is too overwhelming

when there’s an immense amount of pressure in your chest because you start to feel hopeless and wished deeply to lift this invisible weight off

or when you feel alone and scared because everyone around you is growing and moving forward yet you’re still there, stuck

when you seem to be giving everything & getting nothing

one of those nights where you’re forced to find the tiniest bit of faith inside telling you that there will be better days. a better brighter future

& one of those nights when you’re slowly drifting into sleep not just from exhaustion but from the mentality that somehow dreaming is better than this reality

Permalink | 0 notes Congrats on your BSN! Love you!!  🎉💃🎓💊💉 (at Cal State LA)
Permalink | 1 note To one of the most intelligent, compassionate, &strongest human beings i know. You have a bright and successful future ahead of you and I’m so immensely proud of everything you’ve accomplished & persevered through thus far. &to MANY more celebrations to come! Congrats CrayC! 😘💖🎓🎉 #UCR #lightgrowthprosperity  (at Kabuki Restaurant Rancho Cucamonga)
Permalink | 1 note learned about &touched so many beautiful fish today! 
🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋🐙💕 (at Aquarium of the Pacific)
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